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Besides the live sites on the right, I have designed the following sites which have been redesigned or are no longer in existence:


Finally, my pride and joy, an Intranet-based application used by the Tech Support department at my current company, ARGO Data Resource Corporation. I can't show you the real site, but the screen shots will show you the basic functionality. Click to see the Ticketlog screenshots.

Middletree Web Design

Common Questions

If you have a small business, church, or other organization, a web presence can prove to be very useful.

If you have never gone down this road, it will be worth your while to read the information below, as it answers many of the most commonly-heard questions:

How much will it cost?

I generally charge by the hour. Most of the sites on my portfolio page took anywhere from 10 to 30 hours. I charge a flat fee of $50 per hour. Typically, the work that takes the longest time to accomplish is the following, in this order:
1. Flash animations
2. Graphics (photos, logos)
3. Forms (text boxes that users type in, especially if there is a database involved)
4. Building navigation menus
5. The main content of the page.

I typically will require payment every time I hit 10 hours of work.

Other costs

You'll have to pay for someone to host the site. This can range from $5 per month to over ten times that amount. I do not host sites, but I can recommend some reputable hosts to you. By reputable, I mean hosts that don't have a history of being down, of being responsive to technical problems, etc.
Another cost will be your domain name. If you don't own one yet, you'll have to pay a small annual fee to a registrar. I can recommend registrars for you. As with the host, the money doesn't go to me and is not part of the hourly fee mentioned above.

What do you (the designer) need from me (the client)?

The site creation process will require a lot of your time, especially at first. I need to meet with you to gain an understanding of your organization, propose layouts to you, and learn other information from you. Additionally, I will need you to provide for me much of the wording on the site, and often the photos, logos, and other graphics.